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Six ways to attract high-quality tenants

System - Friday, October 29, 2021

Thinking about turning your Sunrise-area home into a short-term rental income property? Your property can provide an easy way for you to earn passive income that covers the ongoing costs of property ownership and maintenance — and then some. Quality rental homes are in high demand across Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Weston, Coconut Creek and Lauderhill.

But how do you attract quality tenants? And how do you help your property stand out from the many other Florida rentals? Here are our top six ways to find great tenants and keep your property occupied with them:

1. Maintain curb appeal. An attractive-looking rental property is more likely to be treated with respect by its tenants. Make sure your property looks beautiful both in person and online. Florida homes can take a beating with the salt, sand and humidity, so giving your front door a clean, fresh coat of paint, adding a new welcome mat and sprucing up with seasonal decor are great ways to set the stage for a successful landlord-renter relationship. Your goal is for prospective renters to see an attractive-looking and well-maintained property. Then, they’ll be more likely to choose your home and take care of the property while they’re there.

2. Ensure all safety devices are working properly. Tenants want to make sure their rental home is safe. Regularly check locks, smoke detectors and other safety items such as alarm systems or special locks on your windows or doors. Make sure any security measures, such as motion-activated lighting, are working as they should. If you need help setting up security devices or understanding what you need, we can help.

3. Keep up with all repairs and maintenance. Make sure your home is well-maintained and up-to-date on all repairs, too. No tenant wants to live in a home with cabinets that don’t shut quite properly, a squeaky door or a bathroom sink that drips all night long. It helps to make a list of things you should regularly check. But don’t worry—we can help with a wide range of critical maintenance tasks!

4. Inform them of area amenities. Sure, everyone knows about Florida’s beaches. But what about the other activities your community has to offer? Quality tenants will want to explore the area and be involved in local activities. If they are new to the community and/or neighborhood, provide them with the information they can use to settle in. Create a list of your favorite local spots, add menus from nearby restaurants or add local magazines to browse.

5. Communicate. Good communication at the start sets the stage for the way it will work in the landlord-tenant relationship. Begin with a well-written advertisement, which includes everything your home offers, and continue that direct information through a tenant’s stay in your home. Market your property, but don’t oversell it and make it sound better than it is. A tenant wants to know that they can rely on open communication and honesty. We can market your investment property for you, honestly and effectively.

6. Be detail-oriented. Have you ever lived in a home that had a lot of small things that weren’t right? Annoying, isn’t it? Tenants want to know that even their seemingly small concerns are heard by their landlord. Keeping track of all tenant notes and maintenance requests can be a heavy lift. That’s why partnering with us is such a great way to go. We can help with some or all of the details required to successfully manage an investment property.

Becoming a landlord and managing a rental property can be challenging. Finding a skilled Sunrise residential property manager can help make that job easier and save you a lot of time and money. We can make owning and managing an investment property simple by helping with the ever-important tasks of marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance and financial reporting.

With PMI Key Partner, you get a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to provide you with the highest level of service and the maximum return on your investment. We’re focused on your and your investment and providing the very best service to help your real estate venture succeed. Give us a call: 954.231.4650, or book a free consultation with our team.